XeGaming Is Under New Ownership!

XeGaming Minecraft is now owned by FinalFormSora and PancakeMoon.
PunJedi is still around as an advisor.
For more information about the transition, what changes have been made, and info about the new games we're hosting, look at the forums under announcements.



Donation Ranks

If you had a rank since XeGaming Home Edition (Release Version 1.6 and Higher), you will automatically retain your old rank.

$5 - Iron

$10 - Lapis

$15 - Gold

$20- Emerald

$25 - Diamond

NEW $40 - Obsidian - includes access to the Feed the Beast server, access to the grinder farm, your own region, spawners and a lot more!

If you want to upgrade from an existing rank to a higher one, use the "Upgrade" package and pay the difference between the two packages.
For example, if you are Gold rank and want to upgrade to Diamond you would pay $10. These are manual upgrades so to get your rank faster, message an owner in game.


Access to Feed the Beast - Want FTB access but don't want Obsidian? This package is for you. It is $7 a month and will cancel after 3 months. You can manually cancel before then but unless you have paid a total of $21, you will be removed from the whitelist. Alternatively you can use the manual donation package and donate $21 at once.

Minecraft subscription - This package is $5 a month. For your monthly support you will get an npc of you in the subhall along with a 9x9 plot to build on. You will also get free items put into your chest at the subhall. We will put things in your chest once a month and it will always include an enchanted tool. This is a one year subscription by default but you can cancel at any time.

Want your rank cheaper? 

If you email us a picture of "I <3 XeGaming!" written on your hand/a piece of paper/your face at a landmark that would be recognized by most people you will get a unique coupon code for 20% off a rank or rank upgrade.
(For example, The White House, Disneyland, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Sydney Opera House would all qualify. A monument in a small town park would not.)
By sending us a picture you are agreeing that we have the right to use it on the website, forums, and in advertising.

You agree that by donating any amount to support XeGaming.com it is done so voluntarily and with the understanding that we are not, in any way, obligated to provide any bonus or benefits for donating, however, we do make many efforts to offer benefits to everyone, regardless of rank. Higher ranks do see some extra benefits by way of decorative or other EULA compliant blocks.
We are not affiliated with Mojang.
We are a hosting company that provides the MineCraft MultiPlayer Experience to the general community.

Only under extreme circumstances do we offer refunds and being banned/removed from the server for breaking rules does not count as extreme circumstance.

Your donations go to support the running costs of XeGaming and help us to provide you with the ultimate family-minded and fun multiplayer environment you have come to know us for.

Over 6 years running! Thank you to everyone for your support!