Welcome To XeGaming : Hubs Edition
(This is not automatic at the time being but
merely a place holder for Xe Staff
to keep track of the "who and when")
All transactions will be handled multiple times daily. Thank You
Our Goal is to reach $300 monthly to cover upgrades and
expenses. Thank You


Due To Recent Mojang Changes
We are moving to a Subscription service to maintain compliance.
We are not nor are we associated with Mojang. We are merely
a game hosting Community that currently hosts MineCraft, and soon
many other games.

We offer no guarantee or warranty of any services/items provided for these

subscriptions however, we at XeGaming thrive to provide an extremely safe

and fun environment. We will hold continuous events/contests/parties that give everyone

an equal chance at experiencing the game while at the same time helping to support

the server and some of its fees and costs.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the last 4 years of XeGaming and

lets make another 4 even more awesome!


Recent donations
$10 Annual Subscript • 10.00 USD
30 Days All Access N • 2.00 USD
30 Days All Access N • 2.00 USD
$10 Annual Subscript • 10.00 USD
$10 Annual Subscript • 10.00 USD
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